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How to Get From a Rubric to Scaffolding

So you’ve got a great rubric (maybe one of the New Tech rubrics?).  Hopefully it embodies the characteristics of good rubrics I described here.  But now what? How do you get from a killer rubric- to some really killer scaffolding

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PBL World: Learn Together, Grow Together

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of participating in the Buck Institute for Education’s annual summer conference, PBL World.  It was the best kind of conference- the kind where you leave feeling like you got a little shot of educator

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Helping Teachers Stand Firm

Emily Pendergrass blogged recently about teachers who “stand firm” against the low expectations they hear from other teachers, their administrations, and the larger culture. I admire teachers who can stand firm, and I think their stories can be inspiring, especially

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When Teachers Talk About Instruction

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a module jurying event with the Literacy Design Collaborative.  What’s module jurying, you ask?  Basically, it’s when teachers and instructional leaders sit and look really closely at curriculum and

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