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Building Agency Via Effective Goal Setting

Here come the resolutions! It’s that time of year when everyone’s thinking about what they’d like to achieve in the next year.  And it’s also when we ask students to set goals for the next grading period or semester. And

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Read Across America- Every Day

Today is Dr. Seuss day- and NEA’s “Read Across America” day.  It’s a great event, and a fun excuse to enjoy some Dr. Seuss together with a kiddo- or teen.  But it did make me think about ways to ensure

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Roadmap to Hope

I’ve been thinking a lot about a student, whom I’ll call Alberto. I always felt like I failed him as a teacher when it came to improving his writing.  Every essay I assigned was returned with, at maximum, a paragraph

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Choose to Have Choice

When I was in 7th grade, we were supposed to choose a book to read and journal about it.  I choose The Eight– a thriller no doubt completely inappropriate for someone in middle school. I loved it.  My teacher, however,

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