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Math IS Literacy- Now What?

A while ago, I argued that it IS possible to address literacy in math classes while addressing math content, and that: “whenever you’re engaging with students in meaningful work involving mathematical symbols and language- work that helps them understand concepts

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Say Yes to Rubrics

Periodically, I turn to Alfie Kohn to metaphorically kick me in the rear and make me question everything I do- because he may change what I’m doing, but also because he makes me get very certain about why I’m doing

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Make Time for Writing by Mapping to Learn

I’ve been looking for a good literacy chat on Twitter, and just stumbled upon one that I really enjoyed: #teachwriting. The discussion this week was on writing across the curriculum. First, let’s just define writing across the curriculum. I love

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Happy Data

When I taught an intensive literacy class for 10th graders I decided, somewhat randomly, to do a project based unit focused on data and data literacy.  At the time, it just seemed like a good idea.  Students had to research

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Literacy in Math- Without Losing the Math

I always worry that, as a literacy coach, I make math teachers nervous.  And honestly, it’s probably reasonable- too often, coaches like me (I should note that I’m guilty of this too), move into conversations with facilitators without a real

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Authentic English

I’ve been talking a lot about authenticity with some ever-thoughtful NTN folks: facilitators during our Southwest “Meeting of the Minds,” our Teacher Design Group, and coaches.  Geoff Krall– and a few other people– have been making me think about authenticity

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