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Let’s Talk Oral Communication

Learning how to effectively scaffold instruction for English Language Learners taught me that  if you want to boost your students’ content understanding, ask them to talk about it in meaningful and purposeful ways. Ask students (and not just ELL students)

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Effective Foundational Literacy Skill Instruction and PBL, Part 2

In part 1 of this mini-series, I briefly discussed the elements of quality foundational literacy instruction. Effective foundational literacy instruction should be: Sequenced and differentiated Taught using a variety of techniques Taught with other literacy skills Connected to meaningful reading

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Effective Foundational Literacy Skill Instruction & PBL, Part 1

Elementary teachers, especially early elementary teachers, and secondary teachers who work with striving readers and writers who may need early literacy skill support have a real challenge on their hands- even more so, perhaps, if they’re also working hard to

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Building Agency Via Effective Goal Setting

Here come the resolutions! It’s that time of year when everyone’s thinking about what they’d like to achieve in the next year.  And it’s also when we ask students to set goals for the next grading period or semester. And

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When is a PBL “Pause” Not a Pause? More on Literature and PBL

I’ve heard English teachers advocate for a literature “pause” from Project Based Learning. This might happen in a variety of ways- teachers might advocate that the school use a portion of the day or a particular class for book clubs

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But What About Literature?

“How am I supposed to fit in Julius Caesar/To Kill A Mockingbird…./insert title here into Project Based Learning?” is a question I often get as a New Tech Network literacy and school coach.  English teachers understandably wonder how reading a

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Let’s Crowdsource Some Rubric Scaffolding!

So, I don’t know if you know this already, but New Tech Network has some pretty great rubrics, if I do say so myself.  You can snag those fabulous rubrics here. They’re not perfect- I’ve realized no rubric can be-

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