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But What About Literature?

“How am I supposed to fit in Julius Caesar/To Kill A Mockingbird…./insert title here into Project Based Learning?” is a question I often get as a New Tech Network literacy and school coach.  English teachers understandably wonder how reading a

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Ready to Run, Ready to Read

About a month ago, I participated in a running relay race with 11 of my wonderful colleagues as part of team Jedi Mindtrix. We ran from Huntington Beach to San Diego, a distance of about 195 miles. We were divided

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Stair-Step Instruction vs. Challenging Texts: The Great Debate

A colleague and I recently had a mini “debate” on the best way to prepare kids to read difficult texts.  We each took a side- for the sake of debate, I argued that we should do “stair step” reading that

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Model, Model, Model

Yesterday I was reminded of the power of collaborative conversation to scaffold participants’ deep understanding of a particular topic.  In other words, I got to talk literacy with facilitators in our network. And they reminded me of the importance of

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Accessing Challenging Text (with bookmark!)

I still remember staring at my organic chemistry book with sandy, tired eyes, trying to make sense of the words on the page.  I thought of myself as an excellent reader throughout school, but I wasn’t prepared for texts that

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Teaching Texts at the “Right Level”

A teacher I know was recently on the receiving end of negative commentary because she was teaching a book at a lexile level lower than the grade level of her students. Let me contextualize a little here and say that

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