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How to Get From a Rubric to Scaffolding

So you’ve got a great rubric (maybe one of the New Tech rubrics?).  Hopefully it embodies the characteristics of good rubrics I described here.  But now what? How do you get from a killer rubric- to some really killer scaffolding

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Say Yes to GOOD Rubrics

Last time, I argued that rubrics really are a good thing, despite Alfie Kohn.  However, I wrote assuming that the rubrics teachers are using to have rich conversations are good rubrics. Alfie Kohn, as I noted previously, says that, “Some

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Say Yes to Rubrics

Periodically, I turn to Alfie Kohn to metaphorically kick me in the rear and make me question everything I do- because he may change what I’m doing, but also because he makes me get very certain about why I’m doing

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