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But What About Literature?

“How am I supposed to fit in Julius Caesar/To Kill A Mockingbird…./insert title here into Project Based Learning?” is a question I often get as a New Tech Network literacy and school coach.  English teachers understandably wonder how reading a

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Writing to Learn… or Communicate? Or Both?

Creating authentic writing opportunities in math… whew, it’s hard. In this case, when I say authentic, I mean the kinds of math writing professionals do in the real world.   It’s hard because in the real world, math writing is often

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But What About Grammar?

I think the number one thing I get asked about in regard to literacy instruction is (cue suspenseful music)…. grammar, mechanics, and usage instruction.  Whether it’s a math facilitator wondering if she or he really has to check students’ semi-colon

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Authentic Literacy

How do you make the time to fit in the kinds of reading and writing required by the Common Core, not to mention college and career readiness? When I taught an integrated Chemistry and English class, as well as an

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Authentic English

I’ve been talking a lot about authenticity with some ever-thoughtful NTN folks: facilitators during our Southwest “Meeting of the Minds,” our Teacher Design Group, and coaches.  Geoff Krall– and a few other people– have been making me think about authenticity

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