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Is Punctuation Really Necessary?

patrick stewart recently defended his dissertation at the university of british columbia what was unusual? he used almost no punctuation which makes me wonder- is punctuation really necessary? According to the Language Log linguistics blog, Stewart wrote the dissertation, which

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Equity and Grammar Instruction, Or Not Treating Students Like They’re Committing “Word Crimes”

So, I’ll admit that I thought ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s humorous remake of “Blurred Lines,” called “Word Crimes,” was funny. I find misplaced apostrophes and the improper use of “fewer” annoying, because, really, is it that hard? And I wasn’t the

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But What About Grammar?

I think the number one thing I get asked about in regard to literacy instruction is (cue suspenseful music)…. grammar, mechanics, and usage instruction.  Whether it’s a math facilitator wondering if she or he really has to check students’ semi-colon

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