Let’s Crowdsource Some Rubric Scaffolding!

So, I don’t know if you know this already, but New Tech Network has some pretty great rubrics, if I do say so myself.  You can snag those fabulous rubrics here. They’re not perfect- I’ve realized no rubric can be- but they are an attempt to embody the characteristics of good rubrics I described here.  You can use them to determine where your students are in a learning trajectory and figure out where to go next with a particular student. And you can use them to have some really fantastic conversations with your colleagues as you learn together from student work. 

But, of course, defining where you want to go next with a student is just the first step- you need exemplars and awesome scaffolding to help them get there. And that’s where you, dear reader, come in! I know there’s some great scaffolding out there.  I know we’ve got great supports out there that help students do something they can’t do-yet. I know you’re busy creating scaffolding that encourages discourse, allows for multiple access points, creates a social culture of learning, and helps “catch” students growing. And I have this ambitious goal of crowdsourcing exemplars and awesome scaffolding for each indicator and score level of the rubrics.  I’d love to fill in the blanks in all the links below.

Scaffolding the English Research or Argumentation Rubric

Scaffolding the English Textual Analysis Rubric

Scaffolding the History/Social Science Argumentation or Explanation Rubric

Scaffolding the Math Problem Solving Rubric

Scaffolding the Science Argumentation or Explanation Rubric

But I have a really long way to go- please help!  I know you’ve got some fantastic scaffolding, ready to go.  Maybe some exemplars from your own students’ work? If so, please share!

You can submit this form:

Or, if that isn’t working for you, click on this link.

Let’s do this!



Literacy Coach for New Tech Network

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