Happy Project Idea for Humanities Classes

I know it’s about to be that time of year where you start thinking about what that April or May project is going to be in your Humanities class.  You might be thinking something engaging, perhaps with lots of student voice and choice to keep kids motivated through the end of the year.  This might also a great time of year to help kids synthesize all those research, writing and advocacy skills you’ve been fostering throughout the year.

Uh-oh, now what?  Enter… the Global Happiness Project!

 What is the Global Happiness Project?

In this project, we’re looking at indices for measuring happiness and well-being (like Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index).  This project takes place in a couple phases, but you can join in at any time that makes sense.  First, students helped design and we are in the process of giving out a happiness survey as widely as possible.  After March 21st, when the survey ends, students will analyze the data.  For the final phase, students will take their analysis, do any additional research, and propose a way to make their communities or the world a happier place.

This last phase might be an especially great time for a Humanities class to join in- students can analyze the data, apply their research skills to find out any additional community happiness and well-being gaps, as well as possible solutions.  Then, they can use their writing, presentation, and advocacy skills to argue for or implement a solution that addresses the gap they saw.  It would be a great time to address Common Core “Integration of Knowledge and Ideas” and “Research to Build and Present Knowledge,” as well as C3 Social Studies standards such as taking informed action, civics, and democratic principles.

Who can join?

Any teacher and class who’s interested- across the world!  We’ve got teachers and students participating from all over the US and around the world at grade levels from elementary to high school.

When can you get started? 

Any time!  Our final, project wide celebration will be from May 12-16, but you’re welcome to start at any time that makes sense for you, and you’re certainly not held to our timeline!

Where can you get more info and how can you join?

Sign up here, and check out our Global Happiness Project page for more information, including facilitation ideas for each phase of the project.

Why join?

Well, the fact that you get to join in with lots of educators around the world is a bonus.  But really, this project is about community wellbeing in a way that honors student interests, while requiring students to think deeply about data and research.  What could be better?


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