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Equity and Grammar Instruction, Or Not Treating Students Like They’re Committing “Word Crimes”

So, I’ll admit that I thought ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s humorous remake of “Blurred Lines,” called “Word Crimes,” was funny. I find misplaced apostrophes and the improper use of “fewer” annoying, because, really, is it that hard? And I wasn’t the

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Writing to Learn… or Communicate? Or Both?

Creating authentic writing opportunities in math… whew, it’s hard. In this case, when I say authentic, I mean the kinds of math writing professionals do in the real world.   It’s hard because in the real world, math writing is often

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Helping Teachers Stand Firm

Emily Pendergrass blogged recently about teachers who “stand firm” against the low expectations they hear from other teachers, their administrations, and the larger culture. I admire teachers who can stand firm, and I think their stories can be inspiring, especially

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Make Time for Writing by Mapping to Learn

I’ve been looking for a good literacy chat on Twitter, and just stumbled upon one that I really enjoyed: #teachwriting. The discussion this week was on writing across the curriculum. First, let’s just define writing across the curriculum. I love

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Ready to Run, Ready to Read

About a month ago, I participated in a running relay race with 11 of my wonderful colleagues as part of team Jedi Mindtrix. We ran from Huntington Beach to San Diego, a distance of about 195 miles. We were divided

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Stair-Step Instruction vs. Challenging Texts: The Great Debate

A colleague and I recently had a mini “debate” on the best way to prepare kids to read difficult texts.  We each took a side- for the sake of debate, I argued that we should do “stair step” reading that

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Happy Project Idea for Humanities Classes

I know it’s about to be that time of year where you start thinking about what that April or May project is going to be in your Humanities class.  You might be thinking something engaging, perhaps with lots of student

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